ALMOND FLOUR: by King Arthur Flour, a company based in Vermont, who's owners, who are also its employees pride themselves on sourcing the produce they use for their flour carefully, guarantee is never bleached and NON GMO.

BELLUCCI OLIVE OIL: organic, made 100% with olives grown in Italy, from small family farms, mainly based in Puglia and Sicily.

MALDON SALT: Maldon Salt flakes comes from the UK. Is harvested by hand on the Maldon coast, on the south east of England, and NON GMO. It has a soft crunchy texture, and an approachable taste

DISTILLED NEW YORK WATER: New York water is known to be a high quality water coming from portions of the Hudson and the Catskill Mountains. Then distilled so no unwanted flavors interfere with the marmalade.

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