When it comes to the quality of a product, the first thing are the ingredients. They are the base on which the skilled chef, cook or bartender can build something great.

If the ingredients used are not natural, wholesome, real, then is like building a castle on sand, it might look beautiful, but at the first sign of bad weather is gone...


Urban Marmalade is made with only three ingredients, and each of these ingredients is top quality and carefully sourced, and plays an essential part in the product.

ORANGES: the orange used for Urban Marmalade are the Valencia variety, they are known for their thin skin, abundance of juice and for having very few seeds.  The produce is from HGo farm, their fruit is all certified organic and grown sustainably.

LEMONS: organic from Sundance from California

SUGAR: organic, raw, unrefined, from cane. The product of Florida Crystal from Florida

Sundance lemons