New York is a State filled with an amazing countryside, from the enormous parks to the banks of the Hudson River to the lakes of The Catskills Mountains. And all over there are farms ran by passionate farmers that grow tasty and natural produce and take pride in farming in a way that is eco friendly, sustainable, without the use of chemicals that are harmful to be consumed and for the earth. This is something that is supposed to be the norm, however, in the world we live in, this is something extraordinary, and they are the heroes that sacrifice a higher profit margin to provide a produce grown naturally, and therefore full of its nutrients, and bursting with flavor.

In this part of the world this, the sustainable farming, is a growing phenomenon fueled by the high demand that people from New York have for organic and natural food, and the realization of how important is the quality of what we put in our bodies.

The climate in New York goes from very hot in summer to very cold in winter, the four seasons express themselves in all their splendor, and each offers a wide range of different fruit , let's see what we have...












New York City is the home of Urban Marmalade. This is where the ingredients are gathered and put together to become the final product.

This is a city that hosts millions of people that come from dozens of different cultures, each with its unique customs and traditions.

But there is one thing that put everybody on the same boat, a common denominator: EVERYBODY IS BUSY!

Work, gym, morning rush hour, work, happy hour, work, yoga, dinner, some more work...

Non stop!

The days in New York City are busy and filled with chores and New Yorkers are trying to fit in a nutritious breakfast, a healthy lunch, maybe even cook a quick dinner. Sometimes this feels like a mission impossible. And that's where a marmalade that comes in single portions, paired with homemade crackers and that can be stored practically anywhere comes in handy.

Easy to store in a drawer, on a shelf, in a bag.

Ready for when you need a quick healthy snack to keep you going on to the next chore