Here are all the stores where Urban Marmalade is available in New York City

It comes in an 7oz or 12oz jar. It has a shelf life of 6 months (the jarring date is on the jar) and once you open it is recommended you have it within a week to enjoy it at its best

The preservation technique is 100% natural. The jars and lids are washed and cleaned, then sanitized by boiling them in water, so we start clean. The fruit is throughly washed before being cut and cooked. Then, after jarring, the jars are put again in boiling water to pasteurize. This technique makes sure the marmalade is free of any bacteria, and, at the same time, sucks out the oxygen from the jar to keep bacteria away.

After you are done with the marmalade, you can use the cute jar for a number of things, for example store food or bring snacks to work. And, if you want, you can bring it to us at our farmer's market stand, and buy another jar for $8.5 as the price of the empty jar would be deducted