Made with just fruit and a little raw cane sugar, no added pectin, no preservatives, nothing added.

I designed the original, the orange marmalade, as a cocktail ingredient and for this purpose I gave it a bitter, less sweet flavor profile. Which turns out to be a flavor profile that works fantastically in a number of other uses, from being paired with cheese, to be mixed in smoothies, or with some yogurt and dark chocolate chips. And for anything really if you, like me prefer less sweetness and a little more edge.

Crafted in New York City with ingredients exclusively from the USA. From reliable sources, selected for their high standards of quality, transparency and integrity, their commitment to sustainability and their physical vicinity.


The preparation of these marmalades and preserves is simple. The secret to to their deliciousness is... there's no secret! Careful selection of ingredients, working with skillful, honest, though people, the use of quality tools, and love and passion for food is all it takes!

Once I got my fruit, oranges or strawberries, I cook it in a d5 stainless steel al-clad pot with the raw cane sugar, to be then transferred into Ball mason jars, a longstanding brand that was founded in 1880 and is synonym of quality and tradition.


The preservation technique is completely natural, and is done the old way, the same our grandparents were doing before food preservatives were introduced in our diet.

So here it goes: the jars with the marmalade are closed with Ball lids and placed in a big pot full of water, then heated up to boil and boiled for 10 minutes. This process sucks out the air from the jars and with it all the oxygen. This slows down greatly the growth of bacteria, so much that it allows the jars with the marmalade to be stored outside of the fridge for up to six months

Francesco Dionese